Sunday, March 10, 2013

'What Is Love' - William and Glad on love, marriage and dementia: VIDEO

"She's my princess, and I'm her William."

Those words made me bawl when I heard them uttered a week ago on 'A Current Affair', during a special report on dementia. My husband walked in, asked why I was crying. I played the clip back. He understood.

They were said by William, the husband of Glad, and they have been married 50 years. Glad was diagnosed with dementia eight years ago, and devoted husband William has stepped up to take care of her in the most incredible way.

Watch the entire clip here:

And click here for William's response to people's reactions to the video above.

William and Glad were profiled tonight on 60 Minutes Australia and the report was beyond moving and emotional. Clip from the show up soon.

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