Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Sterling's Dream: The Common Good VIDEO

Ah yes, kids.

The things they see. The way it affects them, scars them even.

I sometimes wonder how my kids processed my mother's dementia.

For almost two years, every school holidays, EVERY SINGLE DAY - they were there with me, caring for my mum.

Every New Year's Eve - we were together. Every time mummy went out on the weekend during the day, it was to to Nonna's house.

When they saw mummy mad with Nonna (which was completely futile - rule number one: never argue with a dementia patient), they saw the effects dementia has on the carer, and that dementia is a family disease. That is, the family who are involved with the person with dementia constantly.

I came across this organisation The Common Good a few days ago, via a full page ad in a Sunday supplement magazine.

Then I saw this TV ad.

And so, I had to post.

Watch the video:

Says the site:

Sterling is just 10 years old. He has a dream – to find a cure to Dementia.

When he was just 3 years old his Grandmother was admitted into a nursing home and since then he has always wanted to find a cure. Now he can – with your help.

Sterling is an Ambassador for The Common Good, and wants to inspire every-day people to power medical discoveries that can make the world better.

Sterling has a dream and he epitomises the issue that dementia affects everyone - even someone so young.

There is no cure for dementia. It can happen to anyone. Right now, there are more than 44 million sufferers worldwide, and that number is expected to treble by 2050. The impact this will have on individuals, their families and our health system will be devastating.

The search for a solution is underway, and a team at The Prince Charles Hospital is right at the forefront, working to identify the biological process that sets dementia in motion well before memory loss occurs.

Read more here.