Friday, June 22, 2012

A Current Affair report: 'The Sandwich Generation'

Did you see the report tonight on A Current Affair on 'The Sandwich Generation'?

It's exactly what this blog is all about. For more on the story, go here:

Click here for the actual report, courtesy of McCrindle Research:

Essentially, the story is about how the 'Baby Boomers' didn't expect to be where they are today, caring for several generations.

As Tracy Grimshaw says, they're called the sandwich generation, because "they're struggling to support their parents and their adult children."

In this story the woman cares for her 97 year old mother and her grandchildren, on a daily basis.

Another face of the sandwich generation is someone like me:

Age 40 [so, not a 'Baby Boomer' - instead, Generation X], raising toddler-age kids, caring for an elderly mum, and still trying to work and maintain a marriage and a life.

It's not a walk in the park, that is for sure.

Are you in the same position? What are your experiences of this juggle?