Sunday, June 30, 2013

Early Onset Dementia In Your 40s and 50s: 'A Current Affair' Report

Being diagnosed with dementia can be utterly devastating, not only for the person receiving the diagnosis but also for the family who watches on, and who ultimately become carer/s to the person with the dementia diagnosis.

Tracy Grimshaw from TV's 'A Current Affair' investigates the sadness of living with dementia, in this recent report.

Incredibly, one Australian gets diagnosed with dementia every six minutes.

With more than 100 types of dementia, it represents the third highest cause of death in Australia.

And it's not just an 'old person's diagnosis' - sadly, some people are diagnosed in their 40s and 50s - and there is no cure.

Click here to watch the report on 'A Current Affair'.

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  1. Early onset dementia symptoms are not always easy to spot, or diagnose. Dementia can be defined as a persistent decline in intellectual function.

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