Wednesday, March 26, 2014

'Derek' Season 2: Trailer

Have you seen the series 'Derek'?

If you have seen it, then you'll know that it centres on the goings on at 'Broadhill Retirement Home', with comic genius (no, really… he is a genius) Ricky Gervais playing the title role of 'Derek'.

Now, the first time you watch the series, a few minutes in, you kinda have to adjust your eyes a tad. Is this Ricky playing a man who is held up for ridicule? A man-child who is intellectually challenged and we are meant to laugh at?

No and no.

This is Gervais pushing the boundaries - again - with something that (prior to watching 'Derek' season one) I had never seen before: our elderly and aged care under the spotlight, and it's a look into a world many of us are not privy to, unless we have an elderly parent or grandparent or relative, at home or in care.

In typical Gervais style, the series is based on much black humour and pathos, and elicits so much emotion; for me, it emanated from a place I did not expect. I wept and wept during particular scenes in season one, especially when confronting situations arose with residents of the aged care facility, and seeing the beautiful relationships that formed throughout.

Ricky Gervais just released the trailer for season two a few hours ago.

Here it is:

The YouTube description says:

"Ricky's award-winning comedy drama Derek returns to Channel 4 in the UK on 23rd April 2014 for a brand new series - and on Netflix around the world soon after.

A year has gone by since we last visited Broadhill Retirement Home and there's some new residents, additions to the staff and the welcome return of a few familiar faces."

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