Monday, June 9, 2014

'Doll Therapy': bambole terapeutiche al Centro "Alzheimer" di Caltanissetta

Sometimes the very obvious strikes when you least expect.

I was looking for a clip on doll therapy used with Alzheimer's (I write about it in my upcoming book 'The Australian Ageing Generation Handbook', out July 2014) and I came across one in Italian. It was filmed in a facility in Caltanisetta in Sicily, by TV station TCS News TV.  Curiosity made me watch - it's not far from the place my mother was born.

I watched… and immediately I was struck. Well, of course Alzheimer's exists all around the world, I know that! However, seeing it described - and the doll therapy used in another country, again, of course it is - brought it back home for me. The plight of Alzheimer's is a universal one. And finding a way through the 'madness' of the unknowns of the disease is a desire shared by carers around the world.

Watch the clip below. You may not be able to understand the words, but the sentiment - and the passion behind making life easier, more comfy, and lovelier for our loved ones with Alzheimer's and their carers - is an international concern.

Have you tried doll therapy with a loved one?

As as aside, how fabulous is the Italian accent? I understand all in the above clip, even though they speak a LOT faster than I speak Italian with my mother and others.

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