Sunday, November 9, 2014

Rete Italia Tony Tardio: Josie Gagliano interview

On Friday, I had the pleasure of being interviewed by longtime radio announcer Tony Tardio, for the Rete Italia radio network, which broadcasts to 32 stations Australia-wide.

You can listen to a repeat online by clicking here, on Sunday 9 November, from 10am.

UPDATED: Here is the full interview with Tony Tardio

It's a 20 minute chat with Tony about the experience of the Italo-Australian carer and what that means to them now, and the implications of ongoing care in the future.

I talk about what it was like for me as a carer for my beloved mother, who died in August, and what people who are going to undertake the caring role should expect.

I also explain what is in my book, 'The Australian Ageing Generation Handbook' and how it can help carers navigate who to call, what to do, services to access, and reading the stories of carers from all walks of life and what they have experienced or are still experiencing now.

Some of these stories, in the chapter called 'My Life As A Carer' are so raw and honest they are completely confronting, but they offer such incredible insight.

The life of a carer can be very lonely and upsetting and at times, quite distressing. These stories show that all of it is very 'normal' in the world of a carer, that everything is normal.

My other favourite part of the book is the chapter on people working in the care industry - these are nurses, dementia nurses, carers, volunteers, chaplains, doctors, geriatricians… all of them. I interview them in my book and what they say about your family and loved ones will blow you away.

In Sydney, the radio frequency is 1575 on the AM dial.

If you go on  or  you will get all the details of the frequencies they broadcast on.


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