Friday, July 25, 2014

Radio interview : Josie Gagliano with Antonio Dottore - AUDIO CLIP

I have just appeared on Radio Italia Uno, speaking with Antonio Dottore (pictured below), speaking about my new book 'The Australian Ageing Generation Handbook' (through Jane Curry Publishing)

Here is the interview in full. It runs for almost one hour, and it includes three songs I have chosen which mean so much to me and my mamma. (That's my favourite part - listen out for all three songs).

What an honour to have such an opportunity!

Click here to hear the whole interview. It's via DropBox - do let me know if it works for you and you can download it.

You can follow Antonio (Econ, BusModel chg, Tech commercialization, gardening, innovation; ex-PM&C, Citibank, INSEAD, Fidelity Inv, Univ of Adel; Italian CAff program Fri11am on 1629AM) on Twitter here.

Follow Radio Italia Uno on Facebook here and you can listen to the station anytime here.

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