Sunday, July 20, 2014

'The Australian Ageing Generation Handbook' - RADIO interview with SWRFM 99.9: AUDIO

Yesterday I had the pleasure of being interviewed by radio announcer Brendan Leggett, who  heads up the 'Brendan Leggett Show' on radio station SWRFM 99.9.

Brendan had me in the studio to talk about my just-released book 'The Australian Ageing Generation Handbook'… and talk and talk I did!

We enjoyed the chat so much Brendan asked me to stay after our scheduled chat time slot was up (and in between his chat with Australian country singer Adam Harvey and his involvement in the 'Doin' It For The Troops' DVD release), to continue to chat about the role of carers, how they're acknowledged and included in my book, the perception shift that needs to happen around carers, and much more.

And, here is a link for you. You can listen to the entire interview between Brendan and I here - click here to listen.

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