Sunday, January 4, 2015

Christine Bryden on Today show - Early Onset Dementia: VIDEO

I watched this segment this morning on the Weekend Today show (in Australia) with much interest, especially given my mum passed away from dementia and other complications, as well as seeing the journey of someone dear to me going through early onset dementia.

And, as is captioned by this video upload on Nine's Jump-in platform: dementia is set to impact an increasing number of Australians, with 320,000 people currently living with this condition.

Watch as Christine Bryden and her husband Paul talk about Christine's dementia diagnosis at a young age, and how she and her husband have managed the diagnosis for over two decades. Yes, over 20 years.

Says Paul: 

"Family helps facilitate social presence. Never speak in third person about them... they are listening".

To watch the whole clip, click right here.

And to read more about Christine, click on her site here.

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