Wednesday, January 14, 2015

James Brown Interview with Richard Wilkins: Today show - Golden Globes win for 'Still Alice'

This could be my fave segment from the Today show so far.

Julianne Moore (below) has just won a Golden Globe for her role in the movie 'Still Alice', about a woman who is diagnosed with early onset dementia.

And Nine Network Entertainment Editor Richard Wilkins interviewed the Australian producer behind the movie, James Brown (above; I know, cool name). He was an Australian movie reviewer for radio show duo Kyle and Jackie O, and now finds himself a Golden Globe winner for this set-to-be released movie (due for Australian release on January 29, 2015).

And so I love that Richard took the time to speak to James the very next morning, because yes… this is BIG.

Not only is an Australian being honoured on an international platform, but early onset dementia is squarely under the spotlight, as it should be.

I really love the questions Richard asks James, and James's replies are just fantastic - their easy, genuine rapport elicits the best from James, and come Oscar time, I hope Julianne Moore wins and the movie receives even more recognition.

This will mean that more and more people will talk about dementia and early onset dementia. I agree with all that James says in the interview - awareness needs to be raised.

Considering - as I write in my book 'The Australian Ageing Generation Handbook', about being a carer and carers from all walks of life - dementia is AUSTRALIA'S THIRD BIGGEST KILLER (yes, I will continue to put that in caps until the whole world starts to really listen and Australian media gives this plight and the story of carers who care for those with dementia the press it deserves), this movie is an absolute godsend.

And interviews like this one go a long way in opening up the dialogue about dementia, across all ages and stages of life.

Watch the whole segment here.

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