Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Dwayne Jeffries 'Open House': Josie Gagliano Radio Interview, Hope 103.2

It was such a huge pleasure to be on radio with longtime radio host Dwayne Jeffries, on his renowned radio program 'Open House', on Australian radio station Hope 103.2.

Dwayne has more than 25 years’ broadcasting experience in commercial radio across Australia and around the world.

Dwayne started out as an announcer and music director in regional New South Wales (Australia), before becoming the director of programming at major radio networks in Australia and Europe. He hosted the breakfast show on 2GOFM on the Central Coast, before taking up the role of Program Director at Hope 103.2, Sydney’s Christian community radio station.
Through Open House, Dwayne is keen to explore and share stories of life, faith and culture.

Dwayne is a married father of two and is passionate about communicating hope and contributing to the world his daughters will grow up in. With every interview, he aims to extract experiences and ideas that will spark a conversation and inspire others to action.
Says Dwayne: "For the last 8 years, each Open House host has been given the awesome opportunity to explore life’s full spectrum of emotions and experiences. I’ve found that no matter how much you may think you know where an interview is heading, there is always an unexpected turn. I can’t wait to kick off another season of sharing life, faith and culture with Australia in this one of a kind radio show."
This man is such a pro - he allowed me the space to open up about all that has happened on my journey with my mother, starting from my early childhood days. He expertly guided me into painting a picture for the listener, whether they are carers, were carers, or have not been down that path at all. He then helped guide the chat to what happened in the past few years. Dwayne is compassionate and genuine and you can see he enjoys helping spread a message that will help others going through something similar.

I will admit that yes… there were tears shed during the interview. It was pretty hard not to; mum had only passed away two weeks after my chat with Dwayne. There were so many things that were pretty raw - and still are. Nobody can really understand the pain you feel when you are grieving. This is something I am still exploring. One thing I do know is that there is no 'right' way to grieve. 'Carer's guilt' exists when you are caring for someone… and after they die, too. Feeling bad about smiling or getting out and about a little serves nobody, least of all you. They are no prizes for martyrdom! Simply live your life and ease yourself gently back in. And retreat back when you need to. Often, and as many times as you like. 

A word of advice: don't be surprised if people react differently to your grief. Often people who have not gone through grief - or have not lost someone in their immediate family - do not know how to react. Some people will distance themselves and some will be drawn to you, helping you in your hour of need, whether they have been through the experience of losing a loved one or not. In time, those who have distanced themselves will truly get it. The circle of life is what it is for us all at some point.

You can hear the entire interview here - you can simply listen to it or download it now.

I absolutely love the radio station 103.2. It has proved to be a source of great comfort over the years when I needed some gentle, spiritual music and soothing words. Check it out on your FM dial. You can also listen live anytime on the link here. They also broadcast (Australia's) Nine News 6pm bulletin. Such a great radio station. Give it a go!

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