Friday, September 5, 2014

Tony Delroy 'Nightlife': Josie Gagliano, Dementia Awareness Month: PODCAST

I was so very fortunate to be asked to come onto the Tony Delroy 'Nightlife' show on radio  ABC 702 in line with Dementia Awareness Month in the context of being a carer and chatting about my book 'The Australian Ageing Generation Handbook'.

I was in the very excellent company of Graeme Samuel, National President of Alzheimer's Australia and Dr Zoe TerpeningClinical Neuropsychologist and Neuropsychology Research Fellow in the Ageing Brain Clinic at the Brain & Mind Research Institute.

When my book publisher asked me to come onto the show I was nervous about how I would manage it… considering my mum had passed away two weeks ago.

I was very grateful when Tony's producer Susan called me several hours before - we spoke about what we were going to chat about on the show with Tony, and from the very outset, I shared with Susan that my mother had just passed away. Susan was concerned for my welfare, and my ability to be able to speak about something so fresh.

We talked for quite a while and I am so thankful to Susan - she basically 'took the edge off' my raw, fresh grief. I went along to the show at ABC Sydney Ultimo studios confident I would share my experiences and speak eloquently enough that I would not break down (not there was anything wrong with that at all!)

The chat with Susan, and later, the fantastic chat with Tony, proved hugely cathartic. I do truly hope many carers of all ages and stages get something from the radio interview. I am very grateful.

You can download the entire podcast right here.

Tony, 61, has estimated he has asked more than 120,000 quiz questions since launching Nightlife on the ABC 20 (twenty!) years ago.

The show airs on the ABC’s local radio network (702 on the AM dial, and 774 in Melbourne) and has a national audience of 900,000. And some of these listeners have been with him for the whole two decades. Pretty fantastic for a radio show that runs from 10pm to 2am each weeknight.

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